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The Paletto Story

Gluten free accredited by Coeliac Australia


100% gluten free artisan gelato pops

with a Mexican twist


A new twist on traditional Gelato has hit the Melbourne

food scene with the creation of Paletto – located on

the Mornington Peninsula – having opened its doors in

late 2020 and now offering 100% gluten free gelato

and sorbet, accredited by Coeliac Australia.

Inspired by family dietary challenges, Paletto has

developed over 35 different flavours that accommodate

intolerances from coeliac disease, dairy free, sugar free

and vegan friendly options.

Our flagship store in Mt. Eliza is where you can see the

full experience of our offerings. Choose from over 30

flavours on display that can be dipped in melted

chocolate and sprinkled with whatever toppings your

tastebuds desire.

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